We all hit bumps in our emotional roads. I’d love to help you overcome whatever challenge lies in front of you—and help you use it as a springboard to launch into a greater, more evolved version of yourself: the ultimate you.

Talk Therapy—

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor. I specialize in holistic, efficient, results-focused psychotherapy.



As a clinical counsellor, my job is to create a comfortable, friendly, confidential, and non-judgmental space where you can talk openly about whatever is challenging you.


Some issues that people come to speak to me about include anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, family dynamics, life-stage changes, substance misuse, sexuality, social dynamics, and work-related stress.


I am currently working with adults and young adults. 


While everyone’s process of evolving through talk therapy is unique, there is typically a basic pattern.


1.     Sharing your story

Because you are seeking therapy at this time, odds are that you are in pain. Our first task is to draw out what’s going on for you. Sharing the weight of your situation with a supportive, non-judgemental, organized, and skilled therapist who’s on your team helps to reduce the gravity of the situation. This will free you up to take a deep breath and contemplate how to best move forward.

2.     Making a move-forward plan

Our next step is to look at strategies you’ve used to move through similar situations in the past. We will figure out how to apply strategies that have been successful for you, and how to avoid strategies that haven’t worked. If we find that you are unequipped to move forward with the skills you already have, we will look together for external resources to empower you.

3.     Becoming Accountable

Coming up with the right strategy is only half the battle. The next step is following through. I will encourage you forward in a supportive and friendly way, and help you hold yourself accountable as you implement change.

4. Creating Lasting Change

In creating and executing a successful strategy, you will not only rise above your current situation, you will also set an example for yourself in the future. Once we have celebrated your success, we will look at how you have evolved, cementing winning strategies that will enable you to live with more grace, power, and flow.


Besides listening to you in a deep way and reflecting your truth in a way that helps you to move forward, I can offer you other tools to draw on. These include yoga, breathwork, journalling guidance, training in communicating compassionately with yourself and others, dream analysis, expressive arts therapy, and bibliotherapy, which is the study of books that speak to where you are on your path. The sky is the limit. I will align with you in every way that I am trained to help. If I don’t have what you need, I will help you find the right people to fill in the gaps. 



Privacy is a top priority for me. Your identity as a client and your issues will be held in complete confidence.


According to the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) code of ethics, a counsellor is only allowed to break confidentiality if a client is in imminent danger of harming himself or herself or of injuring another person, or if child or elder is reported to be in harm’s way. In these situations, the counsellor is legally obligated to report it. In the case of potential self-harm, my way of reaching out to your support network will be designed collaboratively with you. You can relax knowing that the right people will align to help you out in the right sequence. 



Therapy sessions are 55 minutes long, and cost $150 per session, $180 for 90 mins.  If cost is a barrier for you, subsidies are available for up to 12 sessions through the Whistler Community Services Society WCSS (Click Here).    


I provide service to youth (18 and under) for $40 per session. If cost is a barrier, there is an option to pay it forward through community service. Proof of service will be required, as we will discuss during our initial meeting. If no pay-it-forward plan has been agreed to in writing prior to our session, you will be expected to pay for our time.


Payment is expected at the end of each session, and may be made through personal cheque*, cash, or money order.


*Should a cheque bounce, remuneration will be expected before the beginning of our next session. 


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