Through my own personal journey of finding mental and physical health, I’ve fallen in love with the healing arts. For the last seven years, I have been teaching yoga and hosting healthy-food preparation workshops in Whistler.  


Recently, I spent three years at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, where I earned a master’s degree in psychology. I chose the school because of its focus on training therapists to help clients uncover what’s going on for them on the deepest level. Uncovering buried emotions and understanding the life patterns that they uphold give the client the power to overcome these patterns. Not only does the client solve the problem at hand but she/he also evolves through the process. The client is then able to handle similar situations in the most empowered way possible the next time around.


I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and am available to help clients in Whistler, BC. Some of the issues clients come to talk to me about are anxiety, depression, body-image issues, family dynamics, social issues (both at home and at work), work dissatisfaction, and grief. I will hold space for you in a calm, focused, helpful, and confidential way. When you need psychological tools to move forward, we’ll discover and implement them together. And when what you need is simply a trustworthy confidant to speak with, my ears are yours. If I’m not equipped to help you, I will help you to find the right person or group of people to work with.  


If you are interested in moving forward through talk therapy, EMDR therapy, yoga, or healthy-food instruction and what you read resonates with you, I would love to help. I look forward to meeting you. 


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